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How Cubee works – Tutorial

The following is a Cubee tutorial video, explaining how Cubee works

Using Cubee to provide 3D printing services, means you have the whole 3D community behind you.

For example, if you have opened a Printshop you have hundreds of designer models that you can sell. If you’re a designer, you have a product page that you can promote, and use to sell, but you also have thousands of places to manufacture your products once they are sold.

But how does it work?

When a payment comes into Cubee, no matter who made the sale, be it a designer, a merchant a manufacturer, that payment is split up.

In this tutorial video, we explain how the payment is split up between the different members of the community: 3D printing Manufacturers, 3D designers, customization software developers, and Cubee.

Feel free to contact Cubee support if you have any further questions on how Cubee works.

Watch our Tutorial explaining what a Cubee Printshop looks like.