Sell more on Cubee: A guide

CubeeOct 6, 2021

Opening a Cubee Printshop is a great way to boost your 3D business, but there’s much more you can do to fully utilize Cubee’s system and harness the power of the 3D community. This guide explains what to do and how, but first – a short but essential introduction. Short but essential introduction Cubee is home to many. 3D businesses with printer farms, 3D hobbyists with a 3D printer in their garage,…

No Fees July! How, What and Why?

CubeeJul 11, 2021

Exclusively until the end of July, Cubee has decided to waive Its transactions fees on any sales made by Printshops on the platform. This means that anyone with a free Printshop on Cubee will receive his payments combined with the Cubee transaction fees, and In Fact, make 10% more on any sale. Generally, any sale made through a free Cubee Printshop is subject to the Cubee transaction fee, which is…

What is Cubee and how to use it – Tutorial

CubeeJun 9, 2021

The following is a Cubee tutorial video, explaining what Cubee is, and how you can simply use it. Cubee is a digital commerce platform based on localized manufacturing, through 3D printing. Cubee enables 3D printer owners to open a smart digital print shop – even if they only have one printer. Once they open a Printshop, they get their very own landing page with hundreds of models to sell,…

How Cubee works – Tutorial

CubeeJun 8, 2021

The following is a Cubee tutorial video, explaining how Cubee works Using Cubee to provide 3D printing services, means you have the whole 3D community behind you. For example, if you have opened a Printshop you have hundreds of designer models that you can sell. If you’re a designer, you have a product page that you can promote, and use to sell, but you also have thousands of places…

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